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Royalworld launches FAST channel on Rakuten TV for UK viewers

Royalworld (, the leading global streaming brand for royal content, proudly announces its partnership with Rakuten TV to expand its reach in Europe through the launch of a new FAST channel.

This collaboration represents a significant milestone in Royalworld's mission to provide engaging and informative programming centered around royalty, family dynasties, and nobility to audiences worldwide. With plans underway for expansion to US outlets, this partnership with Rakuten TV marks a strategic step forward for Royalworld's growth efforts.

Featuring a diverse array of exclusive documentaries, dramas, series, feature films, and more, Royalworld offers viewers an immersive experience into the intriguing world of royal and noble families from across the globe. From in-depth explorations of royal lineages to captivating historical reenactments, Royalworld is committed to delivering high-quality content that educates and entertains audiences.

In addition to license acquisitions, Royalworld is venturing into original productions, including crafting language-specific versions for dubbing and voice-over, restoring historical films, and utilizing AI to enhance content in-house.

Under the Trias Media Group ( umbrella, Royalworld is privileged to join forces with Rakuten TV in an endeavor to broaden its audience reach and deliver its distinctive content to viewers worldwide.

About Royalworld:

Royalworld is the world's largest streaming brand for Royal content and a subsidiary of Trias Media Group ( The channel extends its reach across multiple platforms, offering Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) channels in eight languages. With a substantial presence on YouTube, Royalworld continues to expand its footprint on various VOD and FAST platforms. These platforms include Samsung TV Plus, Plex, ROKU, LG, and RakutenTV, enabling audiences worldwide to access its captivating content effortlessly.


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