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Royalworld now on Titan OS

The FAST (free ad supported television) streaming channel ROYALWORLD is now also available on TV sets (e.g. Philips) with the new Titan OS operating system.

Philips was the first major brand to introduce this Linux-based operating system.

ROYALWORLD ( is the world's largest streaming brand for "royal" programs, such as documentaries, series and feature films about royalty, nobility, dynasties and famous families.

The streaming channel is operated as a subsidiary and in the form of an independent limited company (Royalworld Publishing GmbH) by the Berlin-based media holding company TRIAS MEDIA GROUP (

The holding company currently operates 10 streaming brands, including the world's largest streaming service for western films "Grjngo" ( and the channel for financial and business documentaries "Moconomy" (

The Trias Media Group channels are all available worldwide in several languages both as FAST channels on various platforms (e.g. Samsung TV Plus, Plex, ROKU, LG Channels, Rakuten TV, etc.) and as YouTube channels.


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